Why join the UP Notable Book Club

The reasons are as many and varied as the folks in the U.P. themselves. The UP Notable Book Club is a chance to participate in a cultural tradition of storytelling that most yoopers might be unaware of. The Club is a chance to experience pride in our own local writers, what they’ve achieved, and how they’ve helped put the UP back on the map. The Club is a chance for busy people to reconnect with a leisure activity they may have left behind in today’s tangle of streaming and binging media. The Club is an opportunity to meet other like-minded souls who appreciate a good yarn or the chance to reclaim a history that is often mis-told through careless or lazy reporting. In a world where social distancing has isolated a tribe who was already pretty isolated, the Club is a chance to meet new people who might be just down the road from you. Most of all it shows the world that the UP matters and its people have something to say to the world.

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  1. Letitia M Cipriano

    I would like to join but not sure how. I’m not seeing anywhere to sign up at. I apologize if I missed something.

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