Recording of Ellen Airgood’s Q&A for “The Tin Camp Road”

Season 3: Episode 1–The UP Notable Book Club presents author Ellen Airgood speaking about her book “Tin Camp Road” The Crystal Falls Community District Library in partnership with the U.P. Publishers & Authors Association (UPPAA) presents author events with winners of the UP Notable Book List. Make sure to like and subscribe so you don’t miss any future UP Notable Book Club speakers! For more information please visit the links below

ELLEN AIRGOOD grew up on a farm in Michigan’s thumb, where her favorite things to do were read books, ride horses, swing in her tire swing, and write stories. She almost left the University of Michigan after her first year to go back home and farm, but did return to school after her parents offered to cosign the loan for the new fencing she’d need to raise beef cattle on their eighty acres, the only crop they considered feasible. (She was a vegetarian at the time.) She graduated with a Bachelor’s Science from the School of Natural Resources and Environment and now lives on the shore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula, where she writes and owns a diner along with her husband. She is the author of three novels published by Penguin Books, including Michigan Notable Book and Midwest Bestseller, South of Superior the award-winning Prarie Evers, a Bank Street Best Book for middle-grade readers. Her work also appears in The Way North: New Upper Peninsula Writings, Here: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the upcoming Bob Seger’s House. Learn more at TIN CAMP ROAD: Set against the wide open beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a wise, big hearted novel in which a young single mother and her ten-year-old daughter stand up to the trials of rural poverty and find the community they need in order to survive. Laurel Hill and her precocious daughter Skye have always been each other’s everything. The pair live on Lake Superior, where the local school has classes of just four children, and the nearest hospital is a helicopter ride away. Though they live frugally, eking out a living with Laurel’s patchwork of jobs, their deep love for each other feels like it can warm them even on the coldest of nights. What more do they need?

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